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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve obtained another quote and it’s a lot cheaper than yours. Why?
You have to ask yourself why? It comes down to the old saying… you get what you pay for. We base our prices on our quality and skilled workmanship. This is achieved by using the latest training, safest eco friendly cleaning solutions, and the best equipment available currently on the market; we do not cut corners or compromise when it comes to delivering a professional service to our customers! There are lots of fly-by night carpet cleaners available to clean your carpets and upholstery taking half the time to do the job and charging half the money, most of these ‘’Splash & Dash’’ firms leave a trail of destruction behind them and most of the time do not even carry any form of insurance to cover working in your home or commercial property.
Who will be cleaning my carpets?
Are there any hidden charges
Will my carpets become dirty more quickly after cleaning?
Will my carpet shrink?
Can you remove all spots & stains?
How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
Is your service guaranteed?
Are you insured?
Are the Cleaning Solutions you use safe?
What areas do you cover?


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